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We've all had our humble beginnings as photographers [or artist for that matter] and since starting our photographic journey, we've learned a lot of things along the way.

I asked our members at Photo--Assignment to share one thing, one tidbit of advice to share with other photographers; these advices are listed below [I think we do have 100!].

Feel free to continue this list by add your own comment below! And be sure to :+fav: this article for safe keeping for future reference!



Infusion by tleach0608

"Take your camera with you everywhere, you never know when that perfect photo will happen."

Day Breaks by Astralseed

"Changing the F numbers and shutter speeds can make a world of difference."

Meet Me at Sunset by FullMetalMono

"If you want real emotion, never ask someone if you can take their photo. Just do it."

An Apple a Day by nutzi66

"The floor is your friend. Don't be afraid to get close to it to get new, interesting angles."

So Bee It by lordofthestrings86

"Reduce the distracting elements in your photos; consciously make them simpler."


Mature Content

Cassandra Bath 02 by phydeau

"When shooting people, use continuous firing and take at least two exposures, even if they're not moving much. You'd be surprised what differences there can be in a quarter of a second."

Wooden Diptych by inacom

"Print your photos."

Market Street Bridge by LightofNuitari

"Centering can be boring. Practice the Rule of Thirds."

Red-Orangish Tree Blossum by crazyal154

"Proper lighting is key to a great photograph."


"Don't go looking for inspiration, keep your camera in hand and let it come to you."

Sunscreens by phantaz

"I've learned to pay more attention to the whole picture, not just the main subject."

079 by QueenSquidlet

"The best shots are the spontaneous candid ones!"

Harvest by darkwonder02

"If you ever feel yourself getting "tired" of photography, just go out and take a long walk; pointing and shooting at everything. You'll remember why you got into photography afterward."

Watching by karikaiyuk

"Always go around your subject and try a different perspective."

hazy by lia-minou

"Learn the rules of photography, then break them."

Sunrise 04 by Firework-Sparks

"Work with models too, don't only photograph yourself."

Night in the harbour by Sonechka

"Don't be afraid of bad weather or/and lighting conditions - they will challenge your skills but the results will be rewarding."

CUDA by mrfuzzynutz

"Don't blame your equipment when the shoot goes bad, get yer skillz up, son!"

Watching the world go by. -P- by Doofiesaurus

"Don't be afraid to involve yourself in the community; you never know what kind of inspiration you'll find."


"Take multiple shots of the same object, because your first photo might not look so good when you download it on your computer. Also patience and practice are the keys to success."

Sway by DelaneyLaFae

"Poor equipment is no excuse, just learn how to work with what you've got."

Flight of Fancy 7738 by SchwarzWieEbenholZ

"If the models have fun while shooting with you, they have no time to feel nervous or uncomfortable. Then they show you there true self - real emotions."

Leopard by HabibaELG

"Everything, even small and simple things, has something absolutely beautiful about it but you only need to look closely."

Last morning by Mali-S

"Experiment and shoot. And keep note of what you've done."

Flakey I by Moldika

"Photography is a way of expressing yourself, therefore, no picture can ever be a bad one. Just keep going and trying!"

Happy Easter by mindsurgery

"It's a way of seeing yourself through the others."

A Color by Von186

"RTFM- Read the Effing Manual- it will help you get closer to your camera, and therefore take better pictures."

Calmness of the sea by korkk1

"Less is more."

flowers 2 by music-mup

"Something with the eyes of the model: If people look at something far away what isn't there it will look more mysterious then we they look at something at close."


"Take good care of your camera."

Let us be young by EliTheWalrus

"Sometimes it's just a question of different focus..."

At Last by silver-wolf581

"Don't be afraid of taking chances, you can always delete/get rid of a bad photo, but you can't always get back a moment lost."

Rainy day Madrid by TheDanIs

"Sometimes I find that I get more relaxed shots with a smaller / cheaper camera than I do with my DSLR."

Wisteria by TerrorNola

"Kinetic Photography, fun to do and you can get some awesome results!"

know when to leave by Sarastra

"The light is extremely important - I don't think it's possible to create great images without paying attention to it."

Inside the Folds of a Rose by DavidMCoyle

"Lighting is EVERYTHING!
With the right lighting you can make anything look however you want.
After all that is what Photo-Graphy is, Light-Writing."

Exiting the Battlefield by TessBlack

"Never be afraid to experiment, for photography, like science, will never develop without experimentation."

The stillness of the evening by Johnnysd

"Shooting what you know makes it easier to take better photos, while shooting something you don't normally shoot might broaden your knowledge of it."

Home Is Wherever I'am With You by TheThespianCode

"Expect the unexpected!"

JUMP by ceejayphotos

"Use every angle possible...even if it means lying on the ground, standing on a ladder, or tilting your head and camera completely sideways."


"Take precautions when photographing out in nature; wear suitable clothes and protect your camera!"

Just Happy to Be Here by CitizenNomad

"Pay attention to what's behind your subject; photos' themes can be better (or worse) depending on what's left out or in."

Distant Moon by alienhunny

"Lighting is your enemy and your friend. Learn to use it and deal with it in the best ways possible."


"If you don't see the image that you wanted to capture when you download, post-process to make what you saw come alive."

Trees and Fog by serel

"Just do it, and learn from the outcome."

I Could Really Use a Wish by DemonFlare2343

"Don't fear the Manual Settings."

the dryad and her cold love by Midnight3Flame

"Photographs won't look the way you see them in your mind, but sometimes they might just show you something you missed."

Sunset Fisherman by Pinktutu

"Trust your gut."


"(The more you look around at things, the more you see) The more you photograph, the more you realize what can be photographed and what can’t be photographed"

Rain's Magic by Jayfairchild

"Keep the ISO low, graininess is not your friend."

sweet tequila dreams by devilicious

"Use your timer - even when you're not in the photo - use the timer so there is zero camera shake from you pressing the button, handling the camera - tripod & timer gives you the best shot."

Torrent by undercitylights317

"Experimenting with settings, lighting, and different subjects is the best way to learn your own style of photography. "

Brugge - 02 by uin

"Beauty lies in the un-expected."

cate. by livelaughlove19

"You don't always need to set up a shot; just have your camera, and the perfect moment will be there for you to capture."


"Your camera photographs your thoughts."


"Be acutely conscious of the elements restrained within the camera frame and try to balance them."

Lazy Daisy by ethereal-life

"Don't be afraid to use a flash; it CAN create something wonderful."

Cost of Elegance by MkshftChrstian

"Pay close attention to what's near you; you never know what you may discover."

Gold by viva-la-cheese

"Don't be afraid of criticism. Use it to make your next photo even better!"

Where Am I? by Lhach

"Stalk people, best photos are often those not posed."

Over There by kittymccourt

"Never 'just turn it Black and White'."

Rolling Clouds by quismiff

"Patience can be both a virtue and a downfall, waiting a day for one awesome shot can sometimes mean you miss a hundred great ones."

Blooming by Narkya

"Simple is very difficult. Pay attention to those invading branches!"


"The rule of thirds."

Daniella I by LauraKatePhotography

"Watch the play of light everyday, all day and you'll see a huge improvement in your photography!"

striped by anarchiekueken

"Don't try too hard. Having fun is the most important thing."

Chi Town shots by hefftrix

"When shooting your subject take shots from different perspectives always."

Dew Drops on Green Grass by ArchaeopteryxAlex

"That, what you may think looks like crap may be a masterpiece in someone elses eyes."

Here comes the sun by XochitlCumanda

"Most important thing! Always ask yourself what am I trying to tell with this photo? and Have FUN!"

tune by keine-angst

"Here is no standard way to make a good photo. learn the theory, and then work hard to forget it. And: the first idea you have about a shooting is almost always the best one."

Manilla Sunset by raven-winged-wolf

"Cameras capture life, life is spotaneous, so should your photos should be too."

Closing leaf by Fennelin

"Always try to change the point of view, you could change your mind and find the perfect shot."

Ever-changing painting by AriaNeri

"Ask for comments and treasure them, they'll help you do better next time."


"Sometimes your "mistakes" become the best shots and you learn a new Technics."

Love Child by defi-nation

"I've learned that it doesn't matter what kind of camera or lens you have. The only thing that helps you is your eye."


"I have learned patience from photography as sometimes it takes patience to find that right angle, perspective or moment to capture your shot."


"Bring extra batteries, so you never miss an opportunity."


"Patience in learning photography will give you precision when you gain more experience."

What? by Nhytefall

Edit carefully and accept imperfection: Every shot you think you is perfect, you will find a flaw in. Accept imperfection.
Trust your eye and your heart - and ignore the brain. Oftentimes it gets confused about what is really good."


"Don't let your camera choose your focal point for you!"


"Be true heart photographer, one should feel good and happy whale taking photo."

Aurora by silentsawer

"You should always be your worst critic when you look at a photograph you shot."

Little Maple by heart-defectant-art

"Always take your camera wherever you go, you never know when that perfect shot will present itself!"

Fake Lake by Anomonny

"Never took picture in front of a VIP if you not sure the guards allow it. Or you'll get in trouble you might lose your photo or even your camera!"

Lignite power by george-mred

"Knowing your camera, although helpfull, doesn't mean that you know photography..."

I Don't Like Mondays by Kel-----Bel

"A better camera doesn’t guarantee better images."
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SkullKnockade Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2012  Student
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"A photograph is a long story, it's even several stories, those of people who look at it..."

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MkshftChrstian Featured By Owner May 23, 2011  Student Photographer
Someone should make this (with more additions) into a book. It would be awesome. It could have the quote of advice and then a picture related to said advice. I would totally buy it. Also, thanks for the feature! You picked great photos and the people submitted some awesome advice.
Kel-----Bel Featured By Owner May 23, 2011  Professional Photographer
That would be cool! I tried to find images that fit the quote but it was taking up so much time I started just picking pic that I liked. Maybe the club could build a bigger list.....
MkshftChrstian Featured By Owner May 23, 2011  Student Photographer
or a group of people could come up with a list of the tips and advice and people could submit works that pertain to a piece of advice...or something like that.
Kel-----Bel Featured By Owner May 25, 2011  Professional Photographer
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MkshftChrstian Featured By Owner May 25, 2011  Student Photographer
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Kel-----Bel Featured By Owner May 23, 2011  Professional Photographer
That's great to hear! Some are repeated but just worded a different way: I promised that all who left advice would be featured. But I'm glad you feel inspired!
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